Amazing customer service is a hard to achieve these days for many reasons. Most companies are known for their “crappy” service, and it’s one of the many reasons clients are drawn away from that particular brand. Turning your top clients into Raving Fans can seem difficult. Here are four areas on which to focus.

Respect: If there is one thing clients value, it’s a high level of respect. Even if the client doesn’t yet respect you, you should always show them you value their business. As my mother says, “treat people how you would like to be treated.”

Communication: Communication is one of the (if not THE) biggest complaints from customers today. No one likes to wait. So, if you have a chance to respond quickly, do it. Also, use your calendar and commitment dates to make sure you do what you say you’ll do within the time frame you committed.

Learn from Your Clients: Not only can your clients learn from you, but you can learn from them. Life is about learning. Learn and listen as often as you can. If you’re listening to what the client has to say and working with them towards solutions, they will admire your approach to working “with” them instead of doing things “to” or even “for” them.

Correct Mistakes Fast: Mistakes will eventually be made. No one is perfect. When mistakes are made, correct them quickly. Too often, people try to hide from mistakes. Clients appreciate when you deal with an issue head on. Show them how well you are with handling them and building yourself back up from these mistakes. Not only will the client see how important their happiness is to you, but they will also witness your determination for success. ​